WMS url into Qgis

Hi, I have a question about the WMS url into Qgis.

I add the url and use my API key as specified in the Tom Tom API page: http://a.api.tomtom.com/traffic/map/4/tile/flow/relative/1/0/0.pbf?key=Your_API_Key

but it doesn’t work inside the program.
Is there a way to make it works?

This URL can be used as Vector Tiles.
Here is a working setup:

For WMS format we only provide Map tiles, not Traffic.

Thanks for the reply.
I try using my First API key after the equal symbol but Qgis show this error:
" Vector tiles : Style could not be completely converted"
Am I wrong using My first API key?
Thanks in advance

I also have this error. I assume that Qgis is having some issues with parsing the style and I don’t know if this can be fixed.

Do you know another way to display the traffic layer into Qgis?
Thanks for the support

XYZ Tiles: