What exactly is a transaction?

hi, i’m not sure how a transaction is accounted. i’m using this simple code bellow, and every time i run it, i’m ‘charged’ 5.27 transactions. could someone please explain it to me? shouldn’t be just 1 transaction? i’m just loading the map. thanks!


        // Longitude & Latitude 
        var geoLL = new tt.LngLat(-38.419515, -12.971319);

        // Create Map
        CURRENT_MAP = tt.map({
            key: '***',
            container: 'map',
            style: 'tomtom://vector/1/basic-main',
            dragPan: true,
            language: 'pt-BR',
            center: geoLL,
            zoom: 20

Hi @iulo!

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Typically one API call to non-tile based services is one transaction (like traffic, routing, search, etc). Tail based services are one transaction per 15 API calls(a loaded map tails in your case). You can read more details here: https://developer.tomtom.com/store/maps-api inside section 3. How is one API transaction calculated?


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I can also add that the number of tiles depends on the size of the map on the screen.

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