What does each variable in the result mean?

There are some aspects of the results json that needs some explaining, for example:
“type” (how many types can there be?), “id”(What does this mean?), “score”(How much is this out of?)

I would appreciate if someone can direct me to a link with this information.

Which service are you referring to?

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I am referring to Geocode as part of address searching API.

Here are the docs: https://developer.tomtom.com/search-api/search-api-documentation-geocoding/geocode

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Thank you for the link. In the link, it says when defining score, “The score of the Result. A larger score means there is a probability that a Result meeting the query criteria is higher.” What does it mean larger? What is the max. I have seen score of 12, 13, 6. Is 20 the max?

Why you are asking about max? Score is relative only to other scores in that response.

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