What are all of the possible properties contained in the fuzzy search address object?

Im having trouble finding a definite list in the documentation, but I found the below example in a blog article. Is it all possible fields?

If not what is missing?


 "address": {
    "routeNumbers": ["30"],
    "street": "Flinders Street",
    "streetName": "Flinders Street",
    "countryCode": "AU",
    "countrySubdivision": "Victoria",
    "countrySecondarySubdivision": "Melbourne",
    "municipality": "Melbourne",
    "postalCode": "3000",
    "municipalitySubdivision": "Melbourne CBD",
    "country": "Australia",
    "countryCodeISO3": "AUS",
    "freeformAddress": "Flinders Street, Melbourne Melbourne CBD, Victoria, 3000",
    "boundingBox": {
      "northEast": "-37.817179,144.968673",
      "southWest": "-37.817262,144.968380",
      "entity": "position"

All fields of an address object are described in the documentation at Fuzzy Search | Search API and Extended Search API Documentation, Search | Search API And Extended Search API | TomTom Developer Portal

Please mind that the address object definition is slightly different between search and Reverse geocoding.

Refer to the part: address{} object in the documentation here:


For example the field routeNumbers only exists in the Reverse Geocoder.
But the documentation on both services gives the complete overview of the possible fields in the Address Object.

Maarten (PM Search)

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