Weight Restrictions not respected

When routing across a bridge with a posted weight limit, the routing API will still route through said bridge. With the example settings below, you’ll notice this routes you across a small bridge. While this is a fairly rural example, the issue seems pretty common across the board.

Any one else run into this or have any suggestions/guidance on how to avoid this spots?

Start: latitude: 38.399721876322, longitude: -91.010311692953
End latitude: 38.392918973740535, longitude: -91.00604205258081

instructionsType: “text”
maxAlternatives: 2,
traffic: true,
travelMode: truck,
vehicleCommercial: true,
avoid :[“unpavedRoads”,“carpools”]
vehicleMaxSpeed: 105
vehicleWeight: 226796
vehicleWidth: 2.5908
vehicleHeight: 4.1148
sectionType: [“traffic”,“tollRoad”]
report: effectiveSettings

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Perhaps this bridge is not included in our maps. This seems to be a very short bridge.
You can report a map change at https://www.tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/.

@maloleps that could be the case, but we’ve actually run into the same issue road testing out and about unfortunately.

Also, the map share tool does not have an option add a road restriction based on weight ;(

This can be reported as Other. Please, be as much descriptive as you can while reporting that change.

Honestly, we’d be looking at 1000s of updates in terms of just state/local bridges with weight limits so using the map update tool isn’t really practical.

The question is less around this particular bridge and more looking for confirmation that the routing API does do a hard do not route with the data they have if a weight is specified.

Hi there! Interesting case! I checked on Google StreetView for the bridge you mentioned and could not see any weight restriction signpost. Are these weight restrictions usually indicated on a signpost, or is it based on some sort of standard regulation?

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We got routed straight down this road when we had a setting for a 44,000 pound gross weight.

Heading northbound on N. 25th street after you cross over State Street, there was clearly a sign saying no vehicles over 5 tons allowed. Was this not in TomTom’s data set for some reason? Or is there another issue in play?


Clear streetview image of the sign saying 5 tons on Google Maps