Weight Limits Causing Terrible Route Choices

The route choices are being bias by a vehicle weight setting that makes routes that are irrational and wrong. In an effort to go to a Love’s truck stop from the north (202 North Ave, Ina, IL 62846), instead of staying routing on Interstate 57 and going directly to the truck stop just off the interstate, TomTom decides to get off Interstate 57 about 11 miles early and take Interstate 64 East to US 37 South. @dorthwein has identified that it has to do with the vehicle weight. A standard tractor-trailer weight should not be causing a route off I-57 to I-64 in this kind of a situation.

How can we resolve this @maloleps?

Here’s a more zoomed out look

I wanted to add a clearer reproducible case to this issue. Basically what we can see going on is instead of the route simply going north on I-57 and taking the immediate exit to the destination, the route either exits several exits early and uses HWY-37 or passes the exit and comes back around on HWY-37. Whats expected is simply exiting the highway.

If the vehicle weight is set to a low number, then it routes correctly.

Lat: 38.079527, Lon: -88.913736

Lat: 38.15518, Lon: -88.910738

Additional Information
If the vehicle weight is set to 7300kg - it routes correctly. If the vehicle weight is set to 7301kg it routes incorrectly. Seems strange that this weight is the limit for this exit(?). We have had user reports with this type of behavior occurring in many other places as well.

Effective Settings
avoid: carpools,unpavedRoads
computeBestOrder: false
computeTravelTimeFor: none
contentType: json
departAt: 2019-11-13T15:54:44.386Z
instructionsType: text
language: en-GB
locations: 38.07952,-88.91373:38.15518,-88.91073
maxAlternatives: 2
routeRepresentation: polyline
routeType: fastest
sectionType: tollRoad
sectionType: traffic
traffic: true
trafficMode: incidents
travelMode: truck
vehicleAxleWeight: 0
vehicleCommercial: true
vehicleEngineType: combustion
vehicleHeight: 4.12
vehicleLength: 0.00
vehicleMaxSpeed: 105
vehicleWeight: 9072
vehicleWidth: 2.60


We are checking this.


@maloleps awesome - thank you. We can probably come up with some other examples etc… as well or if you need more information please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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The road exiting this highway has a weight limit of 16 000 pounds, so that is ~7300kg.
That is why the routing engine calculated this route that way.

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Hrmm, has this been validated or just what the current data set reflects? It seems very unlikely that is the case given theres a major truck stop right there. We also have had users, in trucks, in that area reporting otherwise and using that road (no warning signs etc…) @maloleps

Either way, thank you for the clarification this is a weight data issue vs something on our end.

@maloleps - Please confirm if this is a validate data point. TomTom clearly has erroneous data here. I am engaging with the Illinois Department of Transportation and it has become clear that this road does support trucks.

For starters, you can look on this linked Google Earth image and see on the left/east side of I-57 a Love’s TRUCK stop. You can see a white tractor-trailer having just exited I-57 on exit 83 that is heading across the bridge. You can also see another tractor-trailer on the shoulder of Exit 83. In both cases, the truck without a trailer would highly likely be over 16,000 pounds but certainly with a trailer, even if it were empty.

Also, you can see IDOT discussing how the Love’s at that location is being used by many trucks and that it was being re-paved to continue servicing the location in this letter. "the extreme high number of multi-unit trucks (600 a day) generated by the Love’s Truck Stop.

Why does TomTom’s data set have this wrong?

@maloleps @gdejans

I just received an email directly from Keith Miley of the Illinois Department of Transportation. He stated that the weight limit at both of the interstate 57 locations that I inquired about was and is 80,000 lbs.