Waypoint references

I’m calculating a best route based on postcodes. With each postcode I have the customer name and details.

I therefore look up the lat/lon based on those postcodes and get a list (using geocoding endpoint)

Then I run the routing api call to get the best route and I get a list of lat/long back

But I can’t see a way to link the two datasets together - even the lat/long are slightly different from what I fed into the routing api.

each order metadata has postcode, customer name, items etc
I look up geocode and can store that with this metadata.
But I then do a route plan and I don’t know how to link the order metadata to that route

You can find the new order in the response of the Calculate route if you use computeBestOrder.

    <waypoint providedIndex="0" optimizedIndex="1"/>
    <waypoint providedIndex="1" optimizedIndex="0"/>
    ...further optimized waypoints...

Thanks so much - this is exactly what I need!