Waypoint "providedIndex" wrong order

Hi, we are using TomTom routing API with Waypoints to optimize route (computeBestOrder=true)
however we gives a wrong provided waypoint order:

    <waypoint providedIndex="0" optimizedIndex="1"/>
    <waypoint providedIndex="1" optimizedIndex="3"/>
    <waypoint providedIndex="2" optimizedIndex="0"/>
    <waypoint providedIndex="3" optimizedIndex="2"/>
    <waypoint providedIndex="4" optimizedIndex="4"/>

The providedIndex doesn’t follow the insert order in the call

Someone has the same issue ? Thanks for all.


So the waypoints that you provided in the request are not presented in the same order (providedIndex) in the response?
Or did I get you wrong?

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that’s right, in my request i put this coordinates :


the route points are ok, but the summury it’s wrong:

<waypoint providedIndex=“0” optimizedIndex=“1”
<waypoint providedIndex=“1” optimizedIndex=“3”
<waypoint providedIndex=“2” optimizedIndex=“0”
<waypoint providedIndex=“3” optimizedIndex=“2”
<waypoint providedIndex=“4” optimizedIndex=“4”

providedIndex not match with insert order: for example providedIndex=“1” became optimizedIndex=“3”, but it’s impossible if you see the points on the maps (the route is correct) .
So i guess it’s wrong the providedIndex

Order of “optimizedIndex” items in “optimizedWaypoints” list show order of waypoints to be visited. In this case, waypoint 1 should be visited first, then 3, 0, 2 and 4 at the end. It is in line with the planned route.

Thank’s, it works !!!