Waypoint limit stuck on 12

last week i create account

i want to connect with API
we are building routs for drivers with google today

we need more then 23 they give

we want to use your maps and more after that

i took 25$ credits to check your system but seems like limit is 12 points
i cannot move to this api with this limit. Can you please open it for me ?

it is almost 1 week waiting since i have created account
and no one reply to me

i thought that if someone create account and put money is a client no?


I understand that this is about Waypoint Optimization API.
How did you contact us? Via Contact-us page or contact sales?

Contact us page
Contact sales
And the only mail i found on internet
Sales form you gave on documentation that say contact us if need more then 12 point
Any other option ?

How can someone help me and set this for us 1 week we only try to get respond
It is not normal that client put credits (according to your instructions) and get 12 waypoints (google give good results and price with 23 so why will i insist to try your solution if first of all it is not giving much more
Our routs get to 100 points today already

OK, we found your inquiry. Because of some technical issues it didn’t reach proper people. I will check this with someone from sales.

I still didnt got answer …
After waitting 1 week since first request
Today i got messege like that:
Dear [[Unknown]],

Thank you for contacting us. The contact form that you have submitted through the TomTom Maps website is meant for businesses and governments seeking location solutions.

If you wish to report a map edit, our online Map Share Reporter gives you a simple way to report changes to our maps.

If you are interested in consumer hardware, you can find all information that is relevant to he…

What does it mean and where exactly you understand my request??

Are you going to open the option for more then 13 points or not?
If not:

Here there are 100 companies similar to you
Can you recommended me service that got api like you and also gives basic support?

That was some automated email.
You didn’t have to pay to check this endpoints.
You’ll be contacted and based on expected number of requests per month we can propose someting.