Version 6 of Maps SDK for Web is now live for public preview!

What improvements did we make?

Below are some of the major enhancements from v6 vs v5:

  • Using Merged Style method that returns a single style defining the look and feel of the display layers including map layers, traffic layers, and POI layers
  • Better customization of the single style thanks to compatibility with TomTom Map Styler
  • Consistency in using map & traffic display between Web & Mobile SDKs
  • POI Details and POI Photos service integration

What does Public Preview mean?
We want you to access our latest and greatest technology. At the same time, we need to make sure it works properly for you and your applications. You can refer to this page and TomTom T&C for more details.

I want to try Version 6, what do I do?
To help ease you through the transition, please refer to the tutorials.

Can I still use older versions?
Yes. V5 remains our latest and greatest version and will be fully supported as usual i.e. bugs and defects will be fixed. However, it’s good to know that our product teams aren’t going to extend V5 with new features. The older versions (v3 and v4) will continue to work in maintenance mode. You will always hear from us in advance about any changes that might affect your product. Additionally, we will assist in any way that we can to help along the process.

If I have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding v6, what should I do?
Because v6 is in public preview status, it’s important for us to know if we made the right decisions.

That is why we welcome your feedback at the following sources:

Happy coding and let us know what you think!