Version 5 of Maps SDK is now generally available!

What improvements did we make?

Below are some of the major enhancements from v5 vs v4:

Dynamic map views with more advanced map interactions (tilting, rotating, orienting)

  • 3D building visualizations
  • Better performance with faster loads, a lighter memory, and optimal application size
  • Enhanced user experience with faster, smoother zooming

If you are developing with the older versions, you’ll want to start migrating to ensure you are using the latest and greatest. Check out our migration tools here! If your product is only in maintenance mode, v3 and v4 will continue to work. However, we plan to reduce development and support for these versions - more details and instructions on what this means for v3 and v4 will be provided within the next 60 days.

Check it out! And let us know what you think!