Vector use of the Traffic API/Routing API


I started using TomTom APIs a couple of days ago, and I’m currently trying to do the following:

  1. Call the Routing API for a given Origin and Destination, and determine the route. The Routing API delivers the coordinates of the waypoints along the route, however, it doesn’t return the maximum/average velocity considering the live/historical traffic.
  2. To cope with this issue, I’ve tried calling the Traffic API for all the point coordinates provided by the Routing API to get the velocity on the segments between the points. Although this works, the acquisition of data is extremely slow due to a number of calls to the Traffic API.

Is it possible to solve this issue by returning the segment speeds from the Routing API, or is it possible to send a number of points to the Traffic API? Before TomTom, I was using GraphHopper, and GraphHopper returns the segment speeds along the route, however, the speeds are not influenced by traffic, rather they are just speed limits under no traffic.

I don’t see any easy way to get these speeds for each segment.
You can use sectionType=traffic param to get more details about traffic delays, but it doesn’t help with getting speed of other segments.
Making Calculate route query for each segment is possible, but it is not very convenient.