Using xamarin with tomtom

It would really be useful if tomtom was compatible with xamarin. I really would like to use the tomtom api in my xamarin app.

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Ive wrapped the jar files into a xamarin project but its not so straighforward0 to acceas.

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Currently, TomTom doesn’t provide any official support for the Xamarin.

There are tools for Gradle and Cocoapods support for Xamarin which you might want to use and test.

If those solutions will not be good enough, you have to use raw calls to our TomTom APIs or try to extract native jars(Android) or framework(iOS) files but like @stellasstar mentioned it won’t be straightforward.

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Is there any plan to support xamarin?

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There are plans for React Native support, but currently unfortunately there are no plans for Xamarin.

Is there any plans to support Flutter/Dart?

No. Currently, there are no plans for Flutter. Please find more details on Flutter inside similar topic in our forum: Maps SDK for Flutter


Is there an update about this subject? Does tomtom provide support, today, for Xamarin Forms?

there is no support for the Xamarin Forms.