Using online maps only

Hello everyone,
Happy new year and hoping 2021 will make up for the disastrous 2020 we all went through.

We have accelerated the development of our Android based DriverConsole, which is the Equivalent to the American EWD, Job card, On-Board scales and of course, Navigation with heavy vehicle routing.

I have built the App framework and now I am having fun putting everything together to make the finished product, hardware and all, knock the end user’s socks off.

My Question;
Can we delete the use of Offline maps and using mobile data, and our API key(s) have online map access - equivalent to Apple Navigation App?

We will not need to worry about coverage as the DriverConsole is a vehicle mounted device that will use full power, and be connected to a high gain antenna. As well as using SIM Card service which uses all Telco’s in Australia.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Michael,

Which SDK are you using currently?

Hello Przemek,

I am not using any. This is the first time I am requesting for an SDK or API

From what I know you’ve been already contacted by our sales department with a solution.
Is that correct?

I didn’t receive anything from Sales department or anyone.

If you are ok with current Maps APIs, then you can use existing SDKs that are publicly available. Just need to register to get an API key. But this doesn’t offer full turn-by-turn navigation.

I will need turn by turn navigation.

That is being offered for bigger companies only.

What would be available for us?

We have been approached in regards to our software we are developing, as we are taking a different approach to user interface designing and implementation, a number of companies have shown interest in what we are going to be offering.

We already have an API Key for this application.

I am not far from completing the Application build. What would be available for us?