Using hillshade layer in the map styler or in the map

I want to know how can i add the hillshade layer in the map styler with the default monochrom layer with the map?
how can i use the 2/hillshade_dem from the Map Styles | Map Display API | TomTom Developer Portal … thank you

Thank you for your interest in the Hill Shade API.
You can combine any map or traffic layers following this generic merged url:

in your case the map style = 2/basic_mono-light and the hillshade style = 2/hillshade_dem-mono-light

The url combining those 2 layers would be:

Now head to the Map Styler, select “Open” option in the header. Enter this url (please remember to enter your own API KEY) and hit “Open url” button.

More info about merging styles can be found on the Map Styles v2 page. There, you can also find available styles.

Hope it helps,

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