Using a map offline in a angular application

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i have some questions about using a tomtom map in a Angular-Application. Is it possible to use a map in Angular offline? If yes, how? Do i have to pay for using a map in Angular offline?

And my second question, how can i overlay my own element (for example a simple rectangle) on the map in the html-code?

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Unfortunately it’s not possible to have an offline map, the map tiles are always fetched from the TomTom APIs.

You can add polygons to the map (,map,geojson-overlay-solid-fill.html), or you can create markers with a custom HTML element (,map,custom-markers.html).

Hope this helps.

Hi Eduadro,

thanks for your very fast answer.
Is it also possible to add own components to the tomtom map?

For background information.
I try to make a application with angular in TypeScript. In this application I want to make my own marker (e.g. train-station, bus-station, …) and I also want to place this marker with geo-coordinates (longtitue, latitude) on the map.
In the beginning I startet with openstreet map and there I have the function in the html code

<aol-coordinate [x]=“cam.Longtitude” [y]=“cam.Latitude” [srid]="‘EPSG:4326’">

with [x] and [y] I can set the coordinates.

Is there a similar function in tomtom?

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To be completely honest I’m not very fluent in angular. It seems that you are describing a component that renders a marker correct? - In general we don’t provide wrappers for any frameworks, but everything can be easily wrapped for you custom needs. If you look at that example I sent you earlier, it shows how to render a marker. Perhaps you could start from there.

Our SDK was built to be used with or without frameworks.