User of TT truck. Some issues

I’m a Norwegian Truck driver.
I’m trying to reach some TT Truck devs. If this is the wrong place for it. Please help me find the righ channel :smile:
In Norway we have a huge Fish farming industri everywhere. The roads leading to these places are sometime verry bad. Not really ratet for 45-50 tons. So some have special permits.
The problem using TT Truck to plan a route is that verry often our Tripp start and stop places where the roads are not rated for that weigh.
So TT Truck refuses to calculate the route. It does not let me desside if I want to drive there ore not. So I have to use the “car” profile if I need the route calculated.

Why not give me a warning that gives me an option if I want to proseed ore not.
Put an option in with “avoid” “toll, ferry and gravel roads”.


The infobar at the side…
Too see the next speed limit and distance to it would be gold.

I love the way “road lords” uses the infobar to give that kind of info.

Also number 2…

There are lots of good resting places that’s not in the TT Truck poi.
If we could save these poi with a special icon would also be gold.
And of course a way to chare the poi with others.

All these things and more are gold for a new truck driver like me.

The only thing holding me back from buying TT Truck is the first problem I told you about here.

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This forum is not intended for sat navs.
I’d suggest asking here: TomTom Discussions — TomTom Discussions