Understanding traffic direction based on TMC

Hi community,
I’m in the process of building an alerting system based on incidents across different US states.
In order for the system to be effective, I need to understand the impacted traffic direction according to the TMC data. For example, when an incident happens on US-101, I would need to know if it happened southbound or northbound.
One could just look at the “positive” or “negative” direction in the TMC data, but this gets more complex when we’re talking about roads that are both north/south and east/west bound.
I tried to follow the docs on TMC, but I’m still unable to determine the traffic direction give location codes and TMC direction.

Here is an example of a TMC object:

    "tmc": {
      "points": [
          "offset": 1768,
          "location": 5656
          "offset": 5385,
          "location": 4222
      "direction": "positive",
      "countryCode": "1",
      "tableNumber": "5",
      "tableVersion": "13.0"

could anyone kindly explain to me how I could interpret the traffic direction (N/S/E/W) using the information above?

This response is based on the output of Traffic Incidents – Intermediate Service – DATEX II | Intermediate Traffic Service
You’d have to place those points on a map with road network to determine the direction.

Thanks for answering!
Could you give me more details about

You’d have to place those points on a map with road network

which map should I use, which accepts the location codes found in the tmc object?

It is assumed that customer already has maps with TMC location tables.
Please note that TMC covers only main roads.