Unable to compile Tom-Tom SDK even after providing the credentials

Good Day,

After getting the credentials from Tom Tom for compiling the SDK Examples we are getting errors.

As per the developer documents, after providing the credentials via command line i-e

./gradlew -PnexusUsername=xxxxxxxxxxx -PnexusPassword=xxxxxxxxxxxx build

we are getting an error `unable to resolve dependencies
The same error is happening when the credentials are provided via gradle.properties
Here is the error info screenshot while building.

Looking more into detail by running(credentials are provided through gradle.properties file)

./gradlew build --info

We are getting 403 HTTP responses from the Tom-Tom repository.

Hi Audacia,

Could you please try to login on the Nexus repository using your credentials to verify if the credentials are set-up correctly?

Another thing I want to verify is whether you have configured the credentials in the right gradle.properties file, it should be in the user’s home directory (~/.gradle/gradle.properties) and not in the project’s gradle.properties file.

One final thing I can think of is that the password might contain characters that need to be escaped. Hashtags for instance need to be escaped on some platforms.

Hope this helps you, please let us know if you managed to resolve your authentication errors.

Kind regards,

Aristotelis Bobas

Hi bobas,

Thank you for your time and support.
I am providing the credentials as per developer documentation guidelines.

I will try to apply each of your mentioned steps and will update you here.

Best Regards

I logged in successfully to the
nexus repository manager via provided credentials,

As per the documents I have provided the credentials via gradle.properties hosted in the Gradle directory. (./gradle/gradle.properties)
Next, the credentials from Gradle properties files are fetched successfully in the Gradle file, with no special character escaping issue.
Here is the proof.

Now executing the command

./gradlew build --info

We are getting 403(forbidden) responses from the repo.

One thing I found while in the nexus repository manager after login, I was unable to locate the Gradle kotlin dependencies there, i-e there are no such following dependencies there.

Failed to get resource: HEAD. [HTTP HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden: https://repo.tomtom.com/repository/ivi/org/gradle/kotlin/kotlin-dsl/org.gradle.kotlin.kotlin-dsl.gradle.plugin/2.3.3/org.gradle.kotlin.kotlin-dsl.gradle.plugin-2.3.3.pom)]

Is there any clue to solve this 403 issue?

Hi Audacia,

I’ve just send you an email with further instructions.