Trying to understand bad routing

I’m trying to understand why TomTom is routing this path through the neighborhood and not continuing down the road to the next left.

Additionally, TomTom is routing to the wrong address or does not appear to have this address in its system - as a result it seems to route into the neighborhood?
2700 Cherokee Pkwy, Acworth, GA 30102

Any guidance or explanation on why from someone at TomTom is routing this so strangely would be hugely appreciated.

Start = Lat: 34.082467, Lon: -84.654808
End = Lat: 34.10484, Lon: -84.639819


And apparently you can only post one image per post so I cannot post an image of what TomTom routes too.

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This is the route it looped up and around for when it could’ve simply stayed on Alabama Road and made a single left without coming back around.

What do you think @maloleps

this is what I got:

@Thunder Looks like the image you posted had a traffic jam on Alabama Rd, so it rerouted to avoid it.
Try turning off the consideration of traffic.

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Hi JT,
Indeed as you mentioned, if I set it as a “truck” route, the first choice is the detoured one (whether there is traffic or not).
Unsure what’s the logic behind truck routing, but the better straight through route is available as an alternate route.
If travel mode is car, the first choice is the straight through route.
You can check using the site,-84.65017,13.4,0,-0+search={“input”:“FIFTH%20THIRD%20BANK”,“coords”:[34.08249,-84.65474]}+routes={“departure”:true,“traffic”:true,“routeType”:“FASTEST”,“travelMode”:“TRUCK”,“vehicleParams”:{“hazmat”:[]},“points”:[“hw~34.0838,-84.65461~A~1260%20Highway%2092,%20Acworth,%20GA%2030102,%20USA”,“hw~34.1047,-84.63992~A~McCollum%20Way,%20Acworth,%20GA%2030102,%20USA”],“avoidCriteria”:[]}+ver=3

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I’ll check that and get back when I have some details.

Hi, I’ve just learnt that truck routes take a lot of penalties at sharp turns, where the expected route has 2 sharps. (although the 1st turn isn’t sharp in reality, but the road geometry was drawn that way). So the detoured route was chosen as optimal for truck.

Indeed, the truck routing algorithm is designed to minimize complex maneuvers for large vehicles, so this sharp turn could be the main reason.

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Interesting, well it seems a bit too sensitive in that it (1) Ignored the commercial parameter as a result and (2) both those turns, if you look on a sat view maps, provide plenty of room.

Side note - does the car routing algo respect weight limits & heights & hazmat & commercial etc…? Is the only difference between the 2 is this sharp turn consideration?

Somewhat related to this is another example we posted (link below) where if you provide a reasonable weight - about 25,000 lbs the routing will have the driver get off early and go through back/side roads. Any insights here?

Also thank you @GeoJason & @ac457f5a1e0b7ca08825 for taking a look at this stuff.

Yes, they are taken into account.

@maloleps is there a way for the truck routing algorithm to be set such that it does not bias so strongly for these wider turns without just going to the car routing algo?

No, you can only choose the travelMode.