Transit Coverage API


Do TomTom has Transit API, that is information regarding public transportation?


We don’t have such API in our portfolio.

Thanks for answering

Hi Omar,
Since we do not have a specific Transit API, you can still try to use different API`s. This is very much dependent on your use case. If you would share your scenario maybe we could advice.
For the closest public transport stations you can for example use Search-API with a categorySet parameter for requesting bus stops, train stations. Providing latitude and longitude will help you check the closest POIs. Am example request could be:,9942&lat=56.12106&lon=12.56836&key=*** (bus and railway stations)
A full list of categories can discovered via

Thanks you, will try that.

You might find this article helpful as well: Real-time BART Commute Mapping with GTFS-RT Data.