Traffic:true causes no route to be returned

I am having trouble with routing to a particular destination. In my app it is not possible to route to this destination (50.70005,-3.51274) (returns a 400 error, NO_ROUTE_FOUND). I can understand that it is not always possible to return a route and in this case the destination is a pub which must be reached on foot crossing a canal so it makes sense.

However, I generally expect that the routing API will try to find a route to near a point where possible. I was surprised to discover that if I set traffic:false in my request I do, in fact, get a route as I would expect. It is only when traffic:true that I get this error. This seems a bit strange so I thought I would check if this is expected behaviour?

I have created a demo to show this behaviour:

As you will see, when traffic:false a route is returned but when traffic:true an error is returned.

Thank you for your help

A road towards this place is marked as closed: