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I’m trying to get historical traffic details and the amount taken to travel from Point A to Point B in Memphis city on 10th Sept 2021. The Traffic Stats API only accepts GeoJSON format and/or Drawing a Polygon on the map. I’m more comfortable with the GeoJSON format, but when I upload a file it throws an error stating that the file cannot be read. I need help with the below:

  1. Can you please provide a sample GeoJSON file where I can enter my coordinates and upload it on Traffic Stats?
  2. Is there a possibility to enter multiple coordinates to get historical traffic data for multiple cities in the USA?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Abhiney,

Please find my answers below:

  1. There is a full explanation and an example of how the GEOJson should look like: rfc7946.
  2. If the cities are located close to each other, it could work. However, if the cities are far away from each other, the report could be rejected.

Please address the other questions you might have to

Anastasiia Kulenko
Move Support