Traffic Stats access

I have requested to grant access to traffic stats but there has been no response, its been 2 days almost. What to do??

The team is probably busy with other requests.

Same issues for me, requested access 10 days ago… no feedback! I’m wondering if TomTom Move, supposed to be be the provider exists, or is it just marketing teasing. I did search the web, no trace of activity… Anyone better feedback ? Thks

@0d5c556a7b984d3367e8, I’ve received an info that you should have received a response.

The only message I’ve got on July 09 (!!!):

Thanks for your message.

To better help you, a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Best Regards,
Team TomTom

My note was for Jaffar.

I haven’t received any useful response regarding how to use these services. It would be great If I can be provided with a solution as soon as possible.