Traffic Flow API proto file

Where can I get an updated proto file for the Traffic Flow API?

The documentation (Vector Tile Structure | Traffic API Documentation | Traffic API | TomTom Developer Portal) has a link to a proto file (, however that is a dead link.

The same documentation page has an example of the proto file, which I was using successfully until about an hour ago. I’m now unable to parse the protobuf response data because it contains an “end-group” tag which is not defined in the proto file.

I hope that by getting an up to date proto file I cnn start to deserialise the traffic flow data again.

Thanks in advance!

I was actually getting a 403 response, “Developer Inactive”. That’s why the protobuf decoding wasn’t working and complaining about the end-group tag. The “Developer Inactive” error is very confusing, I actually had just malformed my query parameters by accident.

I would suggest two small improvements.

  1. Fixing the dead link to the proto file in the documentation
  2. A more helpful error than “Developer Inactive”. For example indicating that a query parameter is incorrect or missing