TomTom to NvidiaDW Maps - Unable to successfully fetch data from the server


We’ve been trying to convert TomTom HDMap data to the XML format used by Nvidia Drive Works. We are using the Nvidia Drive Works Software 10.0 (latest), Nvidia published their own converter for this very purpose, that should produce results. However we ran into a problem with the TomTom API key, with the converter throwing the following exception:

Maptool: [INFO]: Loading map...
Exception thrown
MapToolTomTomToDWMaps: [ERROR]: Unexpected exception: 
DW_FAILURE: MapToolTomTomToDWMaps: Unable to successfully fetch data from the server

We are using a regular (free) TomTom developer API key, created by us, but we are suspecting the AutoStream API that Nvidia is using for the conversion requires some different (paid) plan or key. Is there any documentation about it or can anyone provide us with some insight why this isn’t working?

Best Regards,
Fabian Hofmann

AutoStream is not an API within our public offer. You need to fill the form at the bottom of that page to contact sales to get access to this product.

Thanks for the reply.

I guessed as much beginning of April, but since your sales team didn’t respond to my message, I wondered whether it is actually included in the normal API. Could you please check with the sales team? I sent them a request for additional information and plans for AutoStream on the 4th of April I think.

I notified sales team.