TomTom Routing API v/s Google distance

The distance provided by TomTom routing API is different from that of google distance What parameters have to be set to get the same distance as google.
One of our customers is comparing the distance on google maps and telling us that the distance is incorrect.

How big are these differences?

For some routes its ~ 100 kms

Can you give some examples?

For Co-ordinates :
src: 22.850714526666664,69.73771793666667
dest: 17.426576475,82.073382525

Please paste the coordinates in Google Maps , and check the shortest route, there is more than 100kms difference.

Please do not share your API key.

From what I know - Google Maps do not support routing for trucks, so they may calculate route thru a road that is not appropriate for trucks.
Also our service is more optimized for fastest routes.

Can you please share the parameters to be used for calculating shortest distance for truck irrespective of traffic. Is the param mentioned in screenshot sufficient…?Or any changes in the above params used.?

Setting traffic=false only disables current traffic. The historic traffic (for instance if it is calculated for Monday morning and usually at this time it is busy at some road) is always taken into account.

If you know that traffic affects this route then you could try to calculate it for a different time, when you don’t expect high traffic - like Sunday at night.

Even with these parameters I could achieve the shortest distance 1977 against 1866 of Google.
What extra param I should use to achieve the distance almost similar to that of Google.
Coord : 22.8430356,69.7525213:17.4395248,82.06250519999999

You can try to:

  • add avoid=motorways
  • set vehicleMaxSpeed=50

this should cause that the engine will prefer roads other than motorways