TomTom GO app: call with route parameter?


I develop a Windows application using TomTom. From the Windows app the user will send the calculated route to an app on an Android device (I also develop this app).

Is it possible that from my Android app I will call “TomTom GO Navigation” with the whole route info as a parameter? The point is that the driver would be able to start driving to the destination address.

Thank you!

This forum is intended for our APIs and SDKs.
I’d suggest asking about the TomTom Go app here: TomTom Discussions — TomTom Discussions

Thank you Michal, I will do that.


I have posted this question to both and more than 2 weeks ago and the only answers I had that in each forum the members pointed to the other forum to ask for help.

Can somebody answer to my actual question, please? Thank you very much!


The issues or questions related to the applications available on the can be raised via the dedicated channels. I will try to find out who would be able to answer to your questions directly under your post created in the TomTom discussion channel.

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Hi Magdalena,

Thank you very much!

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Did you get the answer you wanted.?
As I have a android app that want to perform similar function.

Nobody answered. I posted in both forums, but in every forum they claimed that this topic belongs to the other. :frowning:

Hi Magdalena,

Any news with this issue?. I posted this in October of the last year. Thank you!


Sorry that it took so long.
Please send your question to