Timestamps and School Zone Speeds

We are using the Synchronous Snap to Roads API. Could you point us to any documentation on how the Speed Limit for School Zone is provided in the results?

Our observation based on a few limited examples is we get:

  1. Reduced School Zone Speed Limit if we do not provide timestamps in the call.
  2. The Non Reduced speed limit when we call the API with the time stamps.

Does the API provide the second result independent of the time of the trip, or depend on the time of the day when schools are open (for example, 8:00 AM through 4 PM).


This service should match the speed limit that was active in the time of the timestamp.
If the timestamp is not provided, then current time is taken.

Thank you, Przemek. Would we be getting different speed limits (i.e. reduced school zone speed limit and non-reduced) depending on the time of the day? For example, if the time stamp was 8 AM, we should be getting the reduced speed limit and if it was 11:00 PM we should get the non-reduced speed limit.

We are also getting this error when we send timestamps. Not always.
“detailedError”: {
“code”: “Internal Server Error”,
“message”: “Server encountered an error”


Without a timestamp, it works fine. Thanks.

Correct, You should get speed limit depending on the time of the day.

We have introduced some fixes, that should fix the errors you were seeing. Can you try now?

Thank you. We do not get the error now. However, we get the same non-limiting speed limit (higher speed) for all times (day or night) when we pass timestamps, and we get the limiting speed limit (lower school zone limit) when we don’t pass any time stamp. This is the original behavior we reported. Please let us know. Thanks.

OK, we are looking into this.