Switch Map-Layout to Satellite


How can I use satellite images on my maps and switch from basic-main to satellite pictures?
I still searched for it but can’t find a solution. I thought, that the maps are based on Leaflet, but is it possible to use the leaflet providers?

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You can add 3rd party sattelite images as a separate layer.
Which SDK are you using?

Would be nice if this is possible…
I’m using Maps SDK for Web (v5)

We don’t have an exact example on how to add satellite tiles, but you can check this WMS layer example: https://developer.tomtom.com/maps-sdk-web-js/functional-examples#examples,code,layer-wms-source.html
Similar way you should be able to add zxy tile layer. The style specification that is also needed here is available at: https://developer.tomtom.com/maps-api/maps-api-documentation/map-style-specification

hmm ok… that’s a possible way. The main question is, where to get the fitting satellite tiles as layer. I thought, that we have for example basic-main, basic-night, satellite-main and so on… directly from TomTom.

No, TomTom doesn’t provide satellite maps at this moment.

Ok, but in case that TomTom doesn’t offer satellite tiles, do you have a source or some tipps where to get best fitting 3rd party layers?


Is it possible to add API satellite in WMS QGIS?

Thank you

Satellite images are only available as Z/X/Y tiles. But I believe that Qgis also accept that format.