Strange Geocoding results

Hi, We are trying to geocode the following address:
Celtic Recovery Ltd, Unit 14 Llandough Trading Estate, Penarth Road Cardiff CF11 8RR

It is coming up with a single resaponse:
14 Bramble Road, Swindon (Techno Trading Estate)
Which as you can see is nothing to do with the address entered!

If I use our old Google solution I get:
14, Llandough Trading Estate, Penarth Rd, Llandough, Cardiff CF11 8RR, UK
which is correct

Can you help please?

Geocoding API does not return POI results (as stated in docs). Fuzzy Search API return these as well for the quoted query - try using it instead.

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If I use fuzzy search I get the following results, better but still not accurate:

I see that ‘Celtic Recovery Ltd’ is a company name - and it is missing in TomTom POI DB,
in such case it is best to look just for address - which is:
‘Unit 14 Llandough Trading Estate, Penarth Road Cardiff CF11 8RR’

I see it can return just: ‘Llandough Trading Estate’ - which is the nearby building (POI),
which ofc. is not perfect,
you can add missing POI(s) using TomTom reporting tool which is here:
ofc. it takes some time before your report will be added to the map (as reports are verified)