Start dedicated TomTom app from my app to navigate somewhere


I just started developing an app which uses the Tomtom APIs (Maps API and Routing API). I managed to draw a route from the departure point till the destination. I came across with the following problem. I want to send this route to the dedicated Tomtom Android app, so the navigation would happen within the Tomtom app. My question if there is any way to start the Tomtom app from my app programmatically, like using an Intent or something like that (Waze and Google Maps support this), and setting up some parameters with this Intent (departure and destination points).

Thank you for your help in advance!



Iā€™m not sure which dedicated TomTom app you have in mind. In case of TomTom Go app, you can ask question here:

Let us know if this helps.


Not exactly the same, but maybe worth checking:

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