Speed Limit Issues with Snap API

We are noticing an issue with the Speed Limits reported by the Snap API. We do understand that there can be coverage issues for all roads. This issue is not above coverage. Whenever a road speed transitions from low-speed limit to high-speed limit or vice-versa, Tom Tom always picks up the low-speed limit for the entire road. This is causing issues with several types of roads; I am not able to send the JSON files here. Please let me know how I can send them. Thanks.

We are looking into this.

Przemek, could you please give us an update? We have other similar issues being reported. Thanks.

No updates yet. We are still working on that.

The issue was resolved on map data. But I can’t tell when this will be available in our APIs, as it requires different releases.

Thank you, Przemek. I assume it is a code/logic change to handle all such cases, not a map database update. Can you please let us know when the fixes are made so we can check it out?

It was a map data update, and unfortunately it is hard for me to track this.

I see, We have seen at least 3 cases that seemed similar to this issue and probably need a code/logic fix. I am afraid we will be hitting other cases like these.

In general, map changes can be reported using Map Share: Mapshare