Speed limit data from api over parallel roads or underpass different speed limits


This is part 2 of a previous post which i made, thanks for those who responded with advise re using Heading parameter to further refine the speed limit data being returned.

Overpass / Underpass / Tunnels

Does the api allow for altitude / elevation as a parameter. ?? Why do we need it ?? in the event a vehicle is driving on and underpass or overpass with the road underneith or above the vehicle either being directly above or crossing above or below the road the vehicle is on. In such situations if the 2 roads have 2 different speed limits this can result in incorrect speed limit being returned.

One of many examples is if i am driving on a road that has a tunnel running parallel directly below the road being driven on and the speed limits are different on each road incorrect speed limit data can be returned for the “other road”

Freeway exit ramps / parallel service roads / side streets

at times a car can be driving on a road that has a parallel road very close to the road being driven on and the 2 roads are have different speed limits eg freeway entry / exit; service roads even side streets

What parameters can be passed to the api or conditions set within the api to reduce if not eliminate the chance of incorrect reporting of speed limit given the above situations