Snap to Roads API now available in Public Preview

We’re excited to introduce our new Snap to Roads API. You can use it to reconstruct driven routes from GPS points and to get road attributes such as speed limits, road ownership and more. This API enables you to get the data you need to analyze trips and understand driver behaviour patterns, detect speed violations or deviations from planned routes.
Need to reconstruct a route? Check out the docs and try it out.

Here’s a snapshot from our demo, an example of what you can build:

We’d love to hear about your experience with this API and get some initial feedback. Missing anything? Got any suggestions on how to make it better? Anything you love about it?

Let the Snap to Roads API team know your thoughts and suggestions by email or by posting here on the forum.

We really appreciate your time and effort, so we promise to keep you posted on how your contribution is used by our engineers to further develop this API.

Thank you and happy snapping,
Tomasz Słaboń (Product Manager Snap to Roads API)

What does Public Preview mean?
We want you to access our latest and greatest technology. At the same time, we need to make sure it works properly for you and your applications, so we invite you to contribute! You can refer to this page 1 and TomTom T&C for more details.