Search API returning wrong business name/details

We are using Search API based on users current location , we pass lat/long within a radius and get the business details ( just Name and Address). TomTom data is giving us older business name at the same location, is it due to data not being current and in dev mode?

How can we get the exact business name based on users current location and with which APIs are best? At the moment we use Search API & POI API with Radius to get the business details with Lat/Long.

Hi Sridhar,
Keeping up to date with changes to POIs is challenging. Outdated POI information is caused by outdated source data and although we try to limit this as much as possible, it will happen from time to time.
To get POIs around a user location, you can also look into the nearbySearch endpoint (Nearby Search | Search API), which returns all POIs (optionally filtered by category or brand) around a user location.

Hope this helps.