Search API, can’t get all results in response REST APIs

Hi guys!

Just wanted to find all parks in my area and tried to send requests like this one…

I checked and in this area, there should be " Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park" but I did not receive this park in response. I also tried other requests - with radius, etc. But in the end, not all parks come in response.

Why is that so?

Hi Dmytro,

Many thanks testing the Search API, and your clear description of the issue you found!
We looked into this and it seems that in this case we do have the park polygon (hence you can see it on our map), but we don’t have a point feature (POI) linked to the same park. We reported this to the team that maintains our map content and will add the POI asap to our map. It should typically take a few weeks before this is reflected in our Search API.

Kind regards,
Maarten (Search Product Manager)

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