Save Data into file

Hi guys, is it possible save navigation data, such as lat - long - alt for a designed path between two places, into a file? If yes, in which way?



Are you using SDK in browser or with node.js?

Remember that from the legal perspective - saving API responses is forbidden.

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Hi, i’m using sdk in browser. For example, using this html + js code “
in which way i can save data into a file?

JavaScript in browser doesn’t have access to local filesystem, so you need to download the file.

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oh, good. Thanks a lot.

So in this function, i have to replace in “Data” field what I want to save and in “type” field extension file type? That is, if I wanted to save in a “.txt” file, I would have to put txt in type field, right?

type defines the MIME type, not the file extension.
It is used in 3rd line to create a Blob. You can find the details in the documentation.

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Hi, can you help me? Using thi link
and the function you have send me, how do I write it?

Please, it’s more important to me. It’s the first time I use html end Js


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Ok, sorry. Thank you for all

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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