Save coordinates to database and then do a range search

Hello, I’m using the TomTom API so find the coordinates of some places and store them into a database. What I’m trying to do now is doing a range research on only those locations.
Let’s say I input 10km of range and a place, I’d expect to see the list of places I’ve saved in my db that are inside that range. How can I do that?
I’m using Laravel and Vue

Saving POI data in a database is forbidden.
When it comes to calculations: you can just check the distance of each of those saved points to the center of a circle. And if it is shortest than the radius then it is located inside this circle.
You can also check if Geofencing API can solve your problem: Introduction | Geofencing API

I completly forgot - you can already filter search results by providing lat/lon and radius.

can u plz share me the code. bcoz i dont know how to use it in php. i am new to it.
thanks in advanced.

any example will also be helpful

Unfortunately we don’t have an example with this.