Routing Geolocation to fixed location

Now comes the hard part (for me). How do I change my code so that it has a fixed finish?
I’m guessing it’s not as simple as changing the ‘finish’ to ‘identified’

just remove the line where SearchBox for ‘finish’ is created and hardcode coordinates in state.finish

Great! Got It to work! Side question: how do I set the default travel mode to pedestrian?

Now I have this

Which is how it should be, Device location - static finish. But when I try and search for a different start adress, I get multiple errors

your-tomtom-maps-API-key is a placeholder…

Sorry, but by that you mean…?

On screenshots of the console errors I can see that the API key for Search API is not provided. There is a placeholder instead.
You need to find that string in the code and replace it with your key.

Oh damn, well that wasn’t too smart on my half. I’m still getting this error while trying to use the searchbox

@maloleps any idea? :confused: