Routing API: Real time travel distance/time

Since some weeks a lot of streets are blocked in Amsterdam, resulting in longer travel times and distances.
However, this is not reflected in the routing API responses.



~26.900 meters (as competitive API states)

18.210 meters

Is this a bug, or is my request wrong?


If the service routes thru the road that you know is blocked, then you can report that traffic event using Map Share → Mapshare

Thanks, I’ve reported the blocked road with report id bd252702-a722-4dd0-96eb-9c79cc7fde3a.
See this as the thanks for the API you are providing. It adds good value!

Hopefully this is resolved soon, because Amsterdam is really bad for car drivers with wrong directions at the moment: Weer spoeddebat aangevraagd nadat hulpdiensten hinder ondervinden rondom knip - AT5