Routing API distance problem

I’m using your routing API to know the distance and the free flow time in a certain streets at egypt.

but in some cases after i provide the destination lat and long and the origin lat and long (which the last and first points of one street only) the routing algorithm choose another route that is not include my street. i have tried all combination of the request parameter.

so all i need to know when it returns another (may be longer route), and how to only choose the specific street i need to get data about.

and last thing what is the speed value you choose to calculate time.


Following! I have the same question.

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It’s hard to tell what is the exact root cause in your case without having the actual API calls.
I assume that it might be caused due to a change in current traffic or historical traffic so that the routing engine chooses a different route.
You may consider using a waypoint parameter so that you will force the routing engine to plan a route throughout your street.
If you are interested only in travel times on one particular part of a street, please take a look at the Flow Segment Data API.


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Thank you for the attention!