Routing API : different behaviour with batch endpoint


I’m using the Routing API. For the same data, the “Calculate Route” endpoint works fine, but the “Synchronous Batch” endpoint returns a code 400 : “Invalid request: supportingPoint[0] has invalid ‘longitude’ number format.”

I can’t figure out what’s the problem here, can anyone help ?

Calculate Route :

{"supportingPoints": [{"latitude": 52.61733, "longitude": 0.0008}]}

Synchronous Batch

{"batchItems": [{"query": "/calculateRoute/52.55096999999999,0.05328:52.6166544396,0.0030264119/json?routeType=shortest&travelMode=truck", "post": {"supportingPoints": [{"latitude": 52.61733, "longitude": 0.0008}]}}]}

which returns :

    "formatVersion": "0.0.1",
    "batchItems": [
            "statusCode": 400,
            "response": {
                "formatVersion": "0.0.12",
                "detailedError": {
                    "message": "Invalid request: supportingPoint[0] has invalid 'longitude' number format.",
                    "code": "BAD_INPUT"
    "summary": {
        "successfulRequests": 0,
        "totalRequests": 1

That looks like a bug. I have notified our engineers.

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Can you put these numbers in double quotes?

It works indeed when putting lat/lon in double quotes
(however that’s not what the documentation specifies)

Yes, we still need to resolve this.