Routes from Polylines (GeoJson)

Hi Everybody! I’m a new costumer of TomTom.
My question is what API endpoint should i use in order to create routes from PolyLines i’m working with Folium in Python where is possible to draw your custom path, then you can have access to a Json file which contains the route information in GeoSjon format like this:


Which Tomtom’s api endpoint is recommended to pass this coordinates and receive the time travel with traffic information in Json Format. I’m able to get this data using the calculateRoute endpoint by giving origin and destination coordinates, but it does not solve my question.

I have searched into the documentation and didn’t find anything that specifically guides through this method.

Thanks a lot, i appreciate the services.

There is no service that accepts GeoJson to calculate a route.
You can just extract points and use them to reconstruct a route.

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