Requests Per Second Limits

We are planing to use the Routing API (non tiled) on our Android App. We hope to deploy the App for several thousands of App users. We see that 5 requests per second limitation would be fine if it is counted per Android App deployment. It would be severely limiting and not work if the count is 5 per sec for all the Android App users that we deploy to. Please help clarify how the throttling is applied.

Thank you.

The limit is applied to a particular key. Write to us via Contact us page with the details about expected traffic and we can discuss what is possible.

Thank you Prezmek. I will write to the contact page and will discuss further.

On a related question for the Web SDK and Batch processing, what is the rate of batch processing requests that can be submitted with one key? I understand that there is a max of 100 Route API requests that can be put into in a Batch Routing call for the Synchronous response kind. Would I be able to submit 5 Batch routing requests, in essence making requests for 500 routing calls. These 500 would be for 500 different source/destination routes. I understand this would take 500 credits.


Batch is also respecting qps limits while processing requests.
So batch of 10 requests should be processed within ~2sec.

If you put five batches of 100 queries it will take 500 / 5 = ~100 seconds (+time for communication and computation)

Thank you Przemek for the quick reply