Request multiple ID using a list from EV charging API


I am trying to get EV charging station availability data based on there IDs. I have written a python script which sends GET requests to EV charging API. I have multiple ID and I want to continually check if they are available or not. I have 2 questions regarding this topic though

  1. Is there a way to request charging availability data of multiple station ID at once?
  2. How frequently does tomtom database updates the charging availability data so I don’t waste my transactions by checking it every minute?


1 - No. One request gives info about one charging station.

Thanks for the response. Can you also tell me how frequently the status of any charging station updates?

I need to verify this with the team.
Remember that it is not very cost effective to check very often multiple charging stations.

Hello @maloleps is there a way to get charging station’s utilization data for each connection on a daily basis?
My end goal is to get that data from tomtom on daily basis for a number of charging stations. Sending request every minute for each station is not feasible based on current API charges.

We are only presenting current status. Also if you are saving these data for some statistics then it sounds like a terms and conditions violation.

I see. I wasn’t aware of that. Thank you for clarification