Regarding TomTom response format with user real time location details

TomTom services are used to get user real time location details from vehicles. Current the data received from TomTom in semi column separated format.

Would like to know if these services support XML/JSON format. If supported then pls share the services details / url.


Can you write in more details what do you mean by ‘TomTom services’? Which product / API / SDK you are using? I’m asking because most of the APIs have an option to choose between XML and JSON format which you can find in the API documentation, for example here:


By using the below API and we get the details in comma separated format.

Need the format in XML/JSON format , please share the parameters that need to be added to get the data in XML/JSON format.

This forum is only for APIs and SDKs which you can find on our Developer Portal. I’m afraid that we can’t help you with this case. It seems that you are using a WebFleet.
Please contact their support here:


I’ve edited the link. Please do not put your api keys to public.