Regarding search api

I need to enable places searching functionality in my web application and I need to view the searched place on the map. Then I need to view near by places on the map. I’d like to know can i do it by using tom tom api? and can you recommend a tutorial for it? Thanks in advance.

Here is suggested example:,map,search-with-autocomplete.html

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Thank you. I will take a look at it.

Hi!, Thank you for your quick response earlier.
What you suggested is exactly what I wanted. But I tried it for the same example as in the tutorial. But it did not work for me. In my web application it only returns webpage url (http://localhost:50444/HtmlPage5.html). I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. Earlier, displaying map tutorial also worked for me. I also could set longitude and latitude and based on that view a particular place on the map. This tutorial didn’t work for me. For this particular tutorial, (,map,search-with-autocomplete.html) I copied html+js code for my html page and insert my map api key and search api key for the required location in the code. I also entered my product name and product version for the required location in the code. After doing these changes to the code, I execute the application. But I did not get any results or error messages. I would like to know is there anything I missed.
I would be grateful, if you could help me to figure out the issue.
Thanks in advance.

Don’t know how much of this code you are using, but remember that this example uses additional js files, which can be seen when you hover the mouse over JavaScript button.

That means those additional javascript files, which you mentioned also should be included in the web application that I’m building, if I need to run the full solution as mentioned in the tutorial. Am I correct?
Thanks in advance.

If you are using all functions from this example then yes, you should add all those js files.

Thank you so much. I will take a look at it.