Regarding Red light and Speed Camera

Hi everyone

    do we have separate api for red light and speed camera  information

Speed camera information is a feature related to navigation. It is not provided in our public offer.

red light

What do you have in mind?

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Basically i need red light and speed camera icon on the map right now i have see traffic flow through which is by default feature of the tom tom, now i need to show red ligh marker and speed camera icon on the map can u suggests , how i achieve that

What is the concept of red light? Do you want to show intersections with traffic lights or show those where the light is currently red?

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no not red but at least signal data that this road or this circle has it and possible if its red light on ?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand

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Basically on the map i need to show red light signal marker(icon) , if that is their

Speed camera information (is paid service) ?

OK, so what is the condition? If there are traffic lights? Or if the traffic lights are now red?

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if possible both , at least traffic lights

I do not see that in our offer.

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if its paid then let me know

i need Types of speed cameras and red light cameras | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government that kind of information on the map while user are driving like 100 meter away from the speed camera or someone click on the speed camera link

anyone help me on that