Reducing polygon coordinates AdditionalData

I am attempting to get polygon coordinates out of additionalData and that works just fine. But is there a way to reduce the data set or display it on the map faster. For example if you try to display the borders of Canada the data set is huge and currently takes several seconds to highlight.

I would appreciate any insight.

Have you tried with Turf.js? Turf.js | Advanced Geospatial Analysis

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No i have not. But i will definetly try to look into that. Do you know if TomTom offers anything that fulfills the same role as Turf? Or is it just one of the things that requires a seperate library?

Actually there is another way to solve this.
When calling additionalData() you can pass the geometriesZoom option, which should adjust the precision of returned geojson.


I think this one was just what i was looking for.

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